Muscle Toning: Tighten Butt with This Exercise Routine

There are many exercise routines for getting a tighter, sexier butt. But one type of exercise routine is great for getting a toned sexy butt, and you should make it part of your weight training exercises: one-legged glute muscle exercises. If you have a flat or flabby butt, find a plyometric stool at your gym.

Muscle Toning: Tighten Butt with This Exercise Routine

If your gym does not have a plyometric stool, use a weight lifting bench. But if you have really good muscle fitness, the bench might not be high enough to make this exercise routine challenging.

In fact, if you have good muscle tone and fitness, I advise against the bench; the bench is best for people new to exercise routines.

Step by step instructions for this body-weight lifting routine

Find the height that you can barely — and I mean barely — lower yourself with one leg from a standing position on the stool or platform. The foot that remains on the platform is in the center of the platform for stability, and the other leg hangs over the side as you slowly lower into a squat position.

The foot of the leg that hangs over should NEVER touch the floor. This is cheating. It is always suspended, which means (depending on platform height) the leg may always need to be bent.

The goal of this exercise routine is to lower enough so that you are past 90 degrees with the squatting leg; ideally in a complete squat, no space between the underside of thigh and the calf. Then, from this position, stand back up again.

This requires incredible muscle strength and a high level of conditioning, and the glute muscles get recruited big-time.

However, if you can lower only to 90 degrees before having to stand back up again, that’s fine too, in that you will still end up with sore muscles, namely the butt muscles. Go up and down eight times with just one leg, as deep into a squat as you can go before standing back up again.

And throughout the eight reps, do not rest the hanging leg’s foot on the platform or touch it to the floor! It stays suspended throughout the entire set.

After eight reps, switch legs. Then walk around a bit. You should feel muscle soreness in your butt (glute muscles). If you don’t, you either didn’t squat down far enough, and/or you cheated by touching the foot of the hanging leg onto the platform or floor.

Try to keep your back as straight as possible throughout this exercise routine. Do not hold onto anything with your hands. Forcing yourself to balance will further recruit butt muscles.

If your gym does not have a plyometric stool high enough to sufficiently challenge your muscles, then create a high-enough platform with a step aerobics stepper and the risers that go beneath the stepper.

Two to three sets on each side, twice a week, will help tighten and tone your butt muscles. And nothing is sexier than a round, firm bottom!

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