Reclaim Your Pre-baby Figure by Exercising with Baby

It’s no secret that many moms struggle to lose the baby weight. For the first few months post-partum, baby is the number one priority. It can be hard finding the energy needed to maintain a consistent workout.

Reclaim Your Pre-baby Figure by Exercising with Baby

Even if you can somehow manage to find the energy, you may not want to leave your precious baby for an hour or two each day to go exercise at your gym. Fortunately, you need not be a gym rat in order to lose those stubborn pounds. In fact, all you really need is some creativity and your baby.

Weight loss is controlled by two factors, diet and exercise. The two need to form a harmonious relationship in order for the pounds to drop. If your diet is on track, which pretty much just means that you exercise portion control and moderation, then all you really need is an efficient and practical way to burn calories.

We are constantly burning calories. The more effort expended, the more calories burned. Its not rocket science, fortunately. In fact, all you really need to do is move.

Walking is just as effective an exercise as any. Granted, you will need to walk a lot further than you would need to run or cycle. However, walking is something you can comfortably do with baby everyday, if you like.

Whether you strap baby into a Maya wrap, Baby Bjorn or stroller, you are bound to burn more calories because you are toting more than just yourself. In fact as baby gets bigger, you burn more and more calories. Short on time? Find a good hill in your area and just go up and down that a few times a day.

If you are pushing baby in a stroller, make sure to concentrate on your biceps as you push.

If you begin to look at your baby not just as the most precious thing in the world, but as a 10 – 15 lb dumbbell as well, you can understand how toting around baby could work wonders for your body. In fact, there are few exercises you can’t do with baby.

Assuming that baby has a decent amount of head control, you can begin an exercise routine replacing weights with her.

The first on the list of exercises are squats. Squats are a great workout because they work your entire lower body at the same time, whether you use weight or not. Add baby, and you have just increased the benefits. Holding baby by her waist, hold her in front of you as you squat.

Just make sure to keep your back straight and not to let your knees go over your toes.

Shoulder presses are another great exercise. Holding baby by the waist, lift her from about face level to above your head, bringing her back no lower than your face. Again, you want to make sure your back is straight. Do not tilt baby behind your head, but keep her straight up and down.

The chest press is another exercise. Lying on the ground, hold baby over your chest and lift her towards the ceiling. Make sure not to bring your arms back down past a 90 degree angle.

Biceps curls can be done by holding baby in front of you at chest level, then pushing her away.

Those moments spent with your baby truly are precious. Nothing beats finding an exercise routine that helps you to both lose weight and spend time with your baby. It does not take much to exercise. In fact, you would be amazed at what constitutes as exercise.

If waxing a car is considered to be exercise, dancing in the kitchen with baby is too. It is really all about moving and having fun, which is exactly what we do with babies anyways.

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