Eco-Friendly Makeup Guide

There are so many different ways to go green that it can be overwhelming to decide just where to start. If you’re a girl who likes to look good and wears makeup all the time, why not start with your makeup? There are lots of benefits that come with using eco-friendly makeup.

But first, to kick off your Green living, you have to know what eco-friendly products to get and where to get them. So here’s my eco-friendly makeup guide.

  • NVEY Eco-Lip Lustre. NVEY is an eco-friendly cosmetic producer, and they have lots of great cosmetic products. However, this one is my personal favorite. It is an organic lip luster that contains organic beeswax and antibacterial properties. It contains no parabens, phthalates, or other synthetic chemicals.

I love it because it nourishes your lips making them smooth, glossy, shimmery, and gorgeous. Tarte Rise and Shine Plumping Lip Stain. This is another lip gloss that contains a lip stain and finishing gloss. It gives your lips that full, plump look while still moisturizing them and staying earth friendly.

It contains no chemical dyes or other chemicals and is made from T5, a super fruit complex that helps restore skin and prevent aging. Plus, it also contains Vitamins A and E, which provides anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Eyebright Makeup Remover. This stuff is paraben free and is made only from natural and organic products. Plus, it’s oil free and really works on removing your makeup easily without leaving you feeling icky and slimy. It leaves your skin feeling super soft without all that oily residue.
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. You can find this stuff in many stores, even at Wal-Mart. Burt’s Bees is a great product for your lips. It keeps them super silky and adds a natural, light red or brown tone to your lips to keep them looking great as well. It’s completely natural and made from ingredients like Vitamin E, sunflower oils, and coconut.
  • Alison Rafaelle Reality Base Foundation. This is some of the best foundation on the market. It helps fight against damage without harmful peptides and synthetic chemicals. It contains a Frutta di Vita complex that helps promote healthy skin and refreshes and re-hydrates while you wear it. This is the perfect 24 hour makeup solution.

There is an abundance of great eco-friendly cosmetic products on the market right now, and more are being developed all the time. These are just my top five. Wearing eco-friendly makeup not only benefits the environment, but it benefits your skin as well and keep it healthy and younger looking longer.

Pay attention to the air you breathe in and use ozone generators for glowing skin.

So go green by switching to eco-friendly beauty products.

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