The birth of your child will surely be one of the most memorable events of your life. 
On this spectacular day you will take your first steps together as a family.

Birth photography captures the magic of the day neatly into beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Imagine that first moment when you gaze into you sweet baby's eyes, the exploding love in the first family photo, the undying support offered to you by your partner, your doula, your nurse, or your amazing midwife... These are the moments you will never want to forget.

Birth can be fuzzy; it's a powerful and magical event that is often clouded in memory by labor hormones, fear, and excitement. When you hire a birth photographer you welcome a lifetime of precious memories into your family; you commit to never forgetting the magic of the day that brought your beautiful baby into your arms.

December of 2012 was a gift from the birth gods for me. I met three amazing families and provided them all with doula care and photography that touched me deeply and secured my undying passion for this work. Below are their photographic birth stories, each one unique, each one beautiful, each one a shining light in the birth world.

December 9, 2013
“Driving through the fog I could feel her imminent birth in every passing light. In the quiet of the night her mama dug deep within and gave each contraction only the attention it needed to move through her; she reserved the rest of her strength for the journey ahead. With patience and grace her family trusted birth and life, and they were born into a light that will forever shine bright. welcome sweet girl, you are treasured.” 

December 10, 2012
“Welcome beautiful boy! Your mama has strength and power unlike any I have seen before, I can only assume it grows from her incredibly positive outlook on life. Your papa he is kind, supportive, and determined, and so in love with his beautiful family. Your birth was a gift. I’ll be unwrapping it’s layers in my mind for weeks to come and treasuring every amazing detail.” 

December 23, 2012
“Sweet family, the stars aligned and you fell softly into my life. You trusted, you believed, and you persevered. The gift in the end was more precious than I could have ever imagined, a perfectly plump and precious baby boy who will fill your life with never ending treasure.”